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Being 100% raw is amazing!  It feels so great and makes me feel so healthy and  fit and like I can conquer the world!

Until it doesn’t.

That’s what happened to me…again.

I have been on this raw journey for the last 13 years and during that time, I have been 100% raw for 1-2 years…three times!

This last time…I thought I had it. I thought this was the time that it would stick!  After all, I had this great website, I was coaching people, I have a fabulous radio talk show.

I had this.

And then it happened.  It happened like it had happened every other time.

I was starving.

I was hungry all the time and no matter how many bowls of salad and fruit and smoothies I ate…I was never satiated.

What happened?  What did I do wrong?  I was a great cook (un-cook?!?), I new the science behind it, I had a great community of amazing like-minded people surrounding me, I spoke to leaders in the industry on my show…what happened?

I listened to everyone else but me.

All the greats talked about how being !00% raw was the way to go and how amazing they were doing following this lifestyle for themselves.  And that’s the part that I missed.  Did you catch that?  They talked about how amazing it was…for them.

I completely stopped listening to myself and instead I listened to everyone else and I was, in essence, walking away from me.  And I was failing.  It just took me awhile to notice.

How did that happen?  I talked about listening to your body and honouring yourself everyday?  I was so convinced that 100% raw was the way to go that I did the exact opposite and listened to others instead of trusting my own beautiful inner wisdom.

So there I was, feeling like a total fraud.  I didn’t know what to do.  I started fantasizing about potatoes…um…yeah…

Maybe I could just have one and then it would be fine and I could go back to being authentically raw.  Except that I couldn’t and I knew it.

Maybe I could lie and just tell everyone that I was still raw even though I was eating potatoes.  But I couldn’t do that either…you know…that karma thing…

Maybe I could eat a potato and be totally honest with everyone.  Hmmm…

So that is what I did.  And it was magical!  That golden flesh, organic potato was the best tasting potato in the history of potatoes and I treasured every morsel!  But that is not the whole magical story!  I was honest and I found a whole group of beautiful, amazing people who were in exactly the same place as I was!

They were so grateful and I was so grateful.  Grateful for all these lovely people and grateful for the potato.  But most of all I was grateful for having the courage to be honest with myself and honest with you and finally getting to a place where I was truly honouring myself and what I needed.




I created this course when I was 100% raw which is ironic because I proceeded to get so busy that I didn’t follow my own advice.

But now I am and I am thrilled that my course is exactly what I needed to get back to loving myself and honouring myself exactly where I am.

And where is that?   I am not 100% raw…but I still eat a lot of raw…but I am a potato eater too.  I love myself.  I am proud of myself.

So don’t listen to me…listen to you.

My course is chock-full of loving yourself goodness, recipes and reminders to get back to yourself and exactly how to do that.

Have a beautiful day friends and be authentically you!