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My experience with learning, preparing, and enjoying Raw Food began in Sept. 2005 at my dear friend, neighbour & instructor’s home, once a week in Christine Ringer’s kitchen.

I learned to make Almond Mylk. This came in handy when I developed a disease restricting my intake of milk. Since I loved almonds, it was my first choice, second was Brown Rice milk.

I focused on the recipes in my binder from Christine and tried to duplicate them. L’il Nuggets, & Cole Slaw with the Dressing with nutmylk, mustard, maple syrup, sesame seeds and garlic. The Sprout Salad was refreshing; my taste buds were excited at the real taste of nutrition.

Each week after class, we sampled the meal; except it was all so delicious, we forgot to sample and ate more. Christine was so patient with us. After the meal, she gave us dessert: Velvety Chocolate Mousse is truly delicious. Another favourite is Tantalizing Truffles, & Hawaiian Pie. A good and crunchy dessert is Banana Almond Ice Cream & Wafers.

The Pizza with cheese, tomato sauce & marinated mushrooms was a huge hit. I made it and my grandchildren ate the whole thing. After that I made sure I made two, like the recipe says.

I surprised a group of friends with Guacamole on Rosemary Pepper Crackers. They dove in and when I told them Christine had taught this in her class, they all wanted to join.

Her initial Menu had ‘Pumpkin Seed Cheese with Rosemary Pepper Crackers’ which was fantastic, but I took all the recipes and used them in a variety of ways.

I can’t say enough about Christine’s talents in the Living Raw Food Classes. My taste buds jump for joy, every time I use her recipe book.

Nancy Bennett

Christine’s recipes are one of a kind! Her knowledge of raw food and her skill at preparing delicious, healthy food is inspiring. I use her recipes every day and I am so excited that she is starting this new venture so that I can have her inspiration and amazing recipes right there for me every day. I can’t say enough about Christine and her gift as a gourmet chef and raw food teacher and coach!

Margaret R.

Comox, BC

Having Christine’s recipes have been what has kept me going with a healthy eating lifestyle. Her easy style and down to earth approach to making healthy food have made it all seem so simple to do. She is always there with encouragement and makes it all fun and easy. She is an inspiration.


Vancouver Island, BC

Christine is beautiful inside and out.


Qualicum Beach, BC

This was the best nutrition class I have ever taken and I have taken several classes in the past. Than you Christine, I appreciate this class and look forward to your recipe book.

Nancy B.

I really enjoyed all the little tips you gave about using various foods and the nutritional contents. This seminar has motivated me to begin a ‘new’ eating journey. I look forward to your other raw food seminars.

Rosslyn G.

It was very enjoyable, inspiring…you are a good model! You need to charge more!

Susan S.

This was so worthwhile. It took me way past thinking of raw foods as either salads, juice or carrot stick!


Good intro to vegan food. Christine’s belief in the food is infectious giving me the confidence to try new foods. Thank you for being a great teacher!

Susan P.

Everything was terrific Christine. I was amazed at the purity of flavours and combinations. Didn’t ever think a strictly vegetarian day would be so enjoyable.

Rosemary S.

I loved the class. The recipes were much easier to prepare than I thought.

Pierre B.

I enjoyed your class very much…very professional.

Ida P.

I love your down to earth approach.

Deb M.

Absolutely excellent. I wish I would have done it sooner.

Julia B.

Enjoyed it immensely!

Lily C.

Thanks, you made it look easy and encouraged our growth in raw food!


You’re an informative teacher who has helped me to see how easy and how beneficial preparing and eating raw food can be – thank you!

Jean L.

You made the class very interesting – I am happy for you that you are doing so well. I would take another course of different recipes…thank you!

Judy B.

You did a great job. I really enjoyed your classes and learned a lot about nutrition. I had become interested in a raw diet, but had no idea there were so many delicious things you could make.

Lorenee G.

Very well done, its an interesting experience to learn about raw food preparation. You are very suited as a raw food chef. Good luck in the future.


Loved, loved, loved your help! What great support!


Christine you did a wonderful job. You are truly beautiful inside and out.

Grai B.