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Dragonflies metaphysical mean transformation.

Metaphysically, Dragonflies mean transformation.


When I was in my early twenties and working in an office in downtown Montreal, I would preach to anyone who would listen…and many who didn’t…about the atrocities of:

  • Eating lobsters and boiling them alive
  • Eating baby veal cows  
  • How hunting was a heinous crime.

And I succeeded.

To this day…I believe it is the absolute best way to:

  • Make enemies
  • Lose friends
  • Alienate myself and others

Not really working…

That was how it started for me as a vegetarian.  Armed with all this new knowledge…which, at the time, I had to hunt for as it was not as readily available as it is now, I felt that I needed to educate the world as to what they were doing!

I was so happy because I KNEW that everyone would be so grateful to learn the error of their ways and would then just change and we would all be happy together.

Not so much.

I was greeted with resentment, alienation and, of course, being that everyone becomes a nutritionist as soon as they find out you are vegan or vegetarian, all the facts about why I was wrong.

And so…I educated myself.  I read everything that I could possibly lay my hands on about veganism, nutrition and health.  A lot has changed since those days and 30 years later, I am still learning.

Everyday there is more new information and everyday more information is debunked.  It isn’t about regurgitating the information that is in a book or on a video.  It is about living it. Immersing yourself in it.  Finding out what works for you…trial and error.

So along the way, I found myself no longer rooted to my soapbox!  I don’t preach…and unless you ask me…I probably won’t even tell you that I am vegan.  However, something interesting has happened along the way.

Because I live the way that I do…people have started to notice.  They ask me what it is that I do.  So… that’s an invitation…right?

That’s when I dive in!

But I don’t tell them what they are doing wrong…I tell them what I am doing right!  And that changes everything!

People become engaging…they want to know more…they want to hang out…they want me to help them <3

Making people feel heard, loved and supported wherever they are on their personal journey…because it is personal and no one has a right to enforce their beliefs on anyone else…is the best way to:

  • Make friends
  • Be involved in community
  • Be happy

They don’t actually really ask me about lobsters, baby cows or hunting either.  They ask me about nutrition, health and lifestyle…hmmm…

So I’ve learned a lot…and I still have a lot to learn.

But if you come over for a cup of tea…I promise you that I won’t preach at you…unless you ask 😉