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 white cowWhen did we stop listening to ourselves?

When did we decide that how we feel about something is not as important as what other people/organizations/the internet…tell us to think?

Why have we given our power away like that?

We don’t have to you know?

We can get back in touch with that part of ourselves that tells us what is right and wrong?

That intuition…that knowingness…that wisdom.

You know what I mean…I know you do.  We all have it.  Oh sure…some are more in tuned to it than others…but we all have it.  You have it.

You know, that small, voice that says a quiet ‘no’…when you are doing something that you know deep down, is not the right thing for you.  That little voice that says ‘yes’, when you are backing away from something that may be too scary or too much of a leap…but would be so awesome!

That’s our intuition…that’s our soul’s language…that’s what we need to tune in to again.

It could be around the right relationship, the right job, the right path to follow…the right ethical choices to make.

When I was growing up, eating meat and dairy everyday…often-times more than once…I can tell you that I wasn’t making the right ethical choices for me.  I didn’t really have a choice though…in my house I wasn’t able to make that decision for myself.

I remember when we had fish for dinner…I hated it!  There was just something so wrong about having to pull this dead animal’s bones out of my mouth, that was so repulsive to me.  I had a friend that hated it as well…so she didn’t have to eat it. I thought that was such a luxury!  I tried that one day and refused to eat it and ended up sitting at the table until 9pm that night.  It ended up being saved for me the next day…but I still didn’t eat it, because I just couldn’t.

I knew then even as a child that this was so wrong, but at the time, I didn’t have the power over my choices.  There are beautiful videos of children who get it.  They cry and beg to save animals and who refuse to have anything to do with eating them.  They get it.  They are listening.  They are wise.

We need to honour these children because they are listening to that part of them that is saying ‘NO’!  No…it is not right to harm these beautiful creatures just to satisfy our appetites!  It is so wrong!  Just because we have been manipulated into believing that this is okay…normal…healthy…does not make it so!  

When I look into the gentle eyes of a beautiful cow, I KNOW that it is so wrong to hurt that precious being.  Or the multitudes of deer that I have the good fortune to share my town with.  Or the lobsters that are terrified in my grocery store.  It is wrong.  Listen…

We have to listen to that voice…that voice that says NO.  That voice that knows that torturing and and slaughtering innocent lives is wrong.

And by the way, ‘happy meat’ is a joke!  What creature would ever give up their existence  so that you could mutilate their bodies to satisfy your appetite?  Would you?  Would you donate your living body to someone who valued that taste of your flesh over your worth as a living being?

It’s time for us to listen…to pay attention…to question…everything.

The way I see it…with the state of the world being what it is today…I think we could agree…that we have found out what doesn’t work…now isn’t it time to find out what does?