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Is being healthy all in your head?

Do we have a choice in whether or not to be healthy?  Is it as simple as that?


and no.

We have ultimate choice over what food we put into our mouths…several times per day…and this is a huge factor in being healthy or not.  There really is no going around that one.



Did you know that a mini Mars bar and an apple have about the same amount of calories?  Does that mean that you can eat a Mars bar every day and be as healthy as if you ate an apple every day?  They have the same amount of calories right?

Yes…they have the same amount of calories.

Their similarities end there.  Mars bars are full of chemicals, sugar and who knows what else.  An apple is full of fiber, nutrients, enzymes and the list goes on.  So of course you can’t eat chocolate bars and expect to be as healthy as you would if you ate apples!

So if that small example is clear…than it stands to reason that whenever we choose foods that are high in nutrients, fiber and enzymes…that we will be healthy…right?  Much healthier than choosing junk foods…yes.

But is there more to it?

Can we choose to be healthy even if we have the cards stacked against us…like when we have a serious illness or have been in an accident?

We can certainly make the best choices for ourselves in those situations…but I am talking about more than that.

I am talking about when we over-ride the evidence right before us and make the decision that despite the prognosis…we are healthy.  Period.


The proof is all around us.  There are people that beat the odds everyday.  People who cure cancer naturally, people who never get a cold, people who lose hundreds of pounds and say good bye forever to diabetes.  Do these people just try harder?  Are they more persistent?  Do they have more support?  Better parents?  More money?

No.  They just made a decision that they were going to be healthy…and they did it…they became healthy.  After all…isn’t that how placebos work?  Isn’t it because we THINK it will work, that it does work?  Then what more do we need to know…if we think it will work…it will work.

Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.

 Joshua Kai, author.

The Miracle Man

Have you ever heard of Morris E. Goodman?  Morris E. Goodman is the Miracle Man.  He survived a plane crash…just barely.  It left him unable to breathe, talk, or swallow and he was completely paralyzed.  He was not expected to survive and certainly not expected to ever walk or do anything, even breathe, on his own ever again.  He made a decision in that hospital bed, where all he was able to do on his own was blink his eyes, that he was going to walk out of that hospital on his own two legs.  Four months later he did.  

It defies all logic.  It’s impossible.  It was a miracle.

Morris E. Goodman

Morris E. Goodman

It happened because he made the decision to make it happen…so it did.


It could go the other way.  We could think we are healthy and then find out that we are not…and then everything falls apart.  We get sicker…we get weaker…we get older.

I don’t know about you…but when I get a tickle in my throat, or a stitch in my side when I am running, or any invitation to be unhealthy…I make a choice.  I think about that Miracle Man and what he did and I think…if he can walk away after a plane crash…then I can avoid the sniffles.  More than that even…I had a pre-cancerous condition a few years ago that wasn’t that wasn’t responding to traditional treatment and it was just getting worse and worse.  Finally I just said enough!  I took matters into my own hands and just decided I was healthy and I acted as though I was healthy and I believed I was healthy.

And…guess what?  I became healthy.  The doctors didn’t know what happened…I wasn’t responding to anything they were doing…and I think I know why.  I was believing what they were saying…I was believing I was sick…so I was sick.

What are you going to choose?

Thank you Miracle Man.  I made my own miracle…and you can too!



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