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Are you the tortoise or the hare?  Do you start off strong, with great intentions, visualize the future, make great plans, invest money maybe…only to lose interest and have your dreams fizzle out? Do you?  Or are you the persistent one?  The one that wins? The one that keeps going…even when the going gets tough?


Which one do you want to be?

This applies to everything in your life…your exercise routine, your diet, your business venture, your new hobby, name it…if you are the ‘hare’…you will fizzle out.

So how do you change that?

It’s all about mindset.  It’s all about being gentle with yourself and being patient.

The tortoise is patient.

The tortoise keeps going.

The tortoise wins.

So how do you become the tortoise?  Well I happen to know a bit about this, because I had been the ‘hare’ my whole life.

Until I decided that I wanted more.  Until I decided that I deserved more.  Until I decided that giving up wasn’t an option.

So how did that look for me?  Well, one day I decided I was going to be a runner.  This wasn’t a new decision…I had decided that half a dozen times before…but this last time…it stuck.

What happened? What changed?  What trick did I use to become a runner?

I was gentle with myself.  I let myself make mistakes. I let myself stop…if I needed to.

And then I started again…I just kept starting!  Over and over again…until I became a runner!  And now I know how to be the ‘tortoise’.  It’s simple really.  We all could have learned this as kids…but the book left out that part.  The part about being gentle…to ourselves.

The same things go for your diet.  Do you mess up?  I do!  Sometimes I eat too much, sometimes I eat something that I have deemed ‘bad food’, sometimes I gain a few pounds.  But what I don’t do…is throw in the towel.  My health and the health of my family is something that I will just keep starting over for…and you know what?  I am the tortoise there now too!

The best part is…when you keep starting over…you become very proud of yourself.  You want to keep going…just so you can have that amazing feeling of accomplishment…and it comes from you!

How awesome are you!

So when you fall off your diet, or you eat the wrong food or you don’t exercise or whatever your goal is right now…just ask yourself…am I the tortoise or the hare…and then ask yourself something else.  How do I want to feel?

You can do this…if I can do this…than you can absolutely do this!

I believe in you friend.


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