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Welcome to Raw Blessings…I am so glad you’re here!


I love making food…especially healthy, vegan and mostly raw food!

I’ve always loved to make food.  Even as a little girl, I used to pick dandelions and daisies and mix them together with other bits and pieces and make ‘salads’ for my friends!

Fast forward a few (a lot) of years and here I am…still creating food…and loving every minute of it!

Knowing how to eat has not always been easy for me and I struggled for many years trying to find the right balance for myself.  With so much conflicting advice out there as to what was the ‘right’ way to eat…I finally had to turn inward to get my answers.

I started on a journey of self discovery and self love.  Through this, I found balance, self acceptance and, I am happy to say that my food struggles are now behind me.

That is not to say that sometimes I don’t have a bad food day here and there…it means that I have learned that food is not everything and taking care of ourselves means a whole lot more.

So now I practice mindful, healthy, vibrant eating. I work on myself every day and my life has come to a place where I want to share my food, my experience and my journey.

I would love to hear from you and be your cheerleader…and in return…you can be my cheerleader…because we are all in this together and it’s so much more fun that way!


So who am I anyways?


I am a Certified Raw Lifestyle Coach and Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Raw Food Chef since 2005.

I am also a Mom and a Grandma, an artist and an entrepreneur. I have been vegetarian since my twenties and vegan since 2005 with a majority of that being raw.

I never thought I would end up teaching classes making raw food…but there I was…in front of 20, 30, 40 people…on a regular basis!  All because someone saw the food I was making for my family and said, “Hey…you should teach raw food classes!”  And so it began!


Raw Blessings is so much more than just a recipe site…
It is about a healthy lifestyle, loving life, being positive
and doing our part to live on this planet in the most loving and respectful way
for ourselves, our children and every living thing.