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Do you want to make your life more healthy today?

Life can be so complex and busy…and unhealthy!

But without our health…all of the other stuff become infinitely more difficult.

Do you want to be healthier?  Oh good…me too!

So we need to take care of our health and we need to make it as simple and do-able as possible!

Here is a short list that you can implement today…and feel good that you are doing something for you…without it taking you away from all of the other important parts of your day.

Here we go!

  1. I know you have heard this one before……drink water…but make it easier!  In the morning, make up a large glass jug/jar/container with your daily water requirement…which is half your body weight in ounces.  I weigh 110 pounds so I make up a jar with 55 ounces of water which is roughly 7 cups of water.  I like to make mine as tasty as possible, which makes me WANT  to drink my water…it is no longer a chore…and I sometimes end up making more…because it is so awesome!  So I usually add one or several of the following:  fresh squeezed lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit…maybe some fresh mint, a few slices of fresh ginger or a piece of vanilla bean…ceylon cinnamon is fabulous too!  You can add cucumber, peppers, garlic even!  Make it amazing for you…because this is daily water and you want to want it!  It only takes a couple of minutes to make and you can sip on it all day.  You may even find…that it is so good…you run out of it before the end of the day.  🙂
  2. Make the salad portion of your meal…the main course.  You can still have all of the rest of your meal…but make the salad big and delicious and make the other parts, the side dishes.  We have done it backwards and now it is time to make it right!
  3. When you make that amazing salad…make your own simple salad dressing!  For the most part, we destroy the healthy aspects of our salads when we douse them with store bought dressings that are made with cheap ingredients and preservatives.  If you have time to whip up a jar of dressing…go for it!  If you don’t…just a sprinkle of (good) salt, pepper, your favourite herbs, a squeeze of lemon or a drop of apple cider vinegar…nutritional yeast if you like that and I always like to add a bit of avocado for a little creaminess…but that’s up to you.  🙂
  4. Don’t eat past 8 PM.  I know this is hard for some people…but it is one of those things that you get used to very quickly and the benefits are so worth it!  Our bodies slow down at night and so does our digestion.  When you eat at night it disrupts your sleep and you lose those precious minutes/hours of regenerative sleep!
  5. Go to bed by 10 PM.  Our bodies are creatures of habit and they like to dump toxins between 10 and 2 PM.  The problem is…when you are not sleeping during that time…they don’t do it!  This is a simple way to gently detox…every single day!
  6. LAUGH!  We oftentimes underestimate the power of joy in our lives.  This is a simple but powerful way to not only feel amazing…but create a healthy habit that only feels amazing…there is no downside!  So whether you call a friend, watch a movie or just catch a funny short on Facebook…let you hair down and just laugh!
  7. Be grateful.  Wait…wasn’t this 7 things about health?  Yes.  And that is why it would be complete without the simplest thing of all…being grateful.  Even if it is just noticing how blessed you are to be alive or saying thank you to a stranger for holding open a door…gratitude…or the lack of it shapes our lives.  So maybe just take a sec to see all the blessings that are in your life…right now.  And then repeat it.  Every day. 🙂

Simple.  Easy. Life-changing.  Seven little things that will make your life and your health better today 🙂

I am going to make my salad dressing…and I am grateful for you 🙂



Charlie Brown